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Farewell for now...

I just wanted to let my f-list know that I won't be updating this LJ for a good while. I'll try and keep track of my f-list's entries and try and comment if I have anything good to add, but I think I need to concentrate on my old projects. I'm not leaving the Eroica fandom for good or anything like that, but my writing muse is leaning towards other directions for now.

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know what's happening! I hope the New Year will be great for everybody!

God Bless!


Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish my f-list, a very, very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May God pour out all his blessings upon each and everyone of you in the coming year!


University structures

Out of curiousity after reading a YYH fic that described a university, what is the typical university structure in Europe and the States? I mean, I attend a university here in Vancouver, Canada, where we have professors teaching a lecture and then later break into smaller groups of around 20 or less for tutorials held by Teaching Assistants. While the professor makes the tests and assignments, usually its the TAs who mark everything. I heard that other universities don't have this system, so I got curious about the rest.

Anybody in my f-list care to enlighten me?

Eroica ficlet: Touch & Walls (K/D, PG-13)

I've been feeling terrible about neglecting my fellow Eroicafens and putting up all these unfinished WIPs so I'm glad I'm able to finally put up something for you guys to read that's finished. Two ficlets I've done for your enjoyment and I do hope it's enjoyment!

by Gloriana

DISCLAIMER: Eroica, etc., is not mine.

SUMMARY: Klaus and touch.

Klaus never understood the human inclination to touch beyond sex...Collapse )

by Gloriana

DISCLAIMER: Eroica, etc., is not mine.

SUMMARY: We are all prisoners in our minds.

It is surprisingly easy to build walls...Collapse )

Original Fic snippet

Well, since it's NaNoWriMo month, I decided to see if I should make a go at an original fic. No, I'm not officially in it but I've been wanting to try a fic with this premise for the longest time. And yes, it'll probably remain a WIP for a long while.

Read more...Collapse )

Epic Fantasy Character quiz

Very nice! Gacked from sindeniirelle.


You are the Wanderer, the
lonely, melancholy figure that haunts deserted
roads. Wanderers don't know their purpose in
life. They simply drift from place to place,
looking for something that they are missing,
but never quite finding the peace they seek so
desperately. A Wanderer is a restless spirit,
full of despair and melancholy, but will
nevertheless seek an adventure, just for the
sake of trying to give their hopeless lives

Color: Grey
Gem: Sapphire


Who would you be if you were a character in an epic fantasy? (beautiful pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

Quick & Dirty German glossary

Found an article at Wikipedia that had a list of German words and phrases commonly(?) used in English. Click here for the article.

New fic at gloriana_fic comm

I'm unlocking most of the fics at gloriana_fic. Just be warned, there's a few WIPs and a lot of them are unbeta-ed, unproofread, and every un- other I can think of.

New fic, "Found & Lost" (and that title may change soon!), is an experimental crossover between CMX's Musashi #9 and Eroica. Here's a bit of an intro to Musashi #9:

"ULTIMATE BLUE: An organization shrouded in complete secrecy. Otherwise known as the 'other United Nations'. Nobody knows when it was created. Nobody knows where it is based.

The Blue of the Seas.
The Blue of the Skies.
The Blue of the Earth.

The last line of defence against chaos.

And within this organization are nine top-secret agents capable of changing world history."

Musashi #9 by Takahashi Miyuki is the story of Shinozuka Kou, agent #9 of Ultimate Blue. It's a series of short stories that deal with Kou as she counters terrorists, kidnappers, gangs, and others. Very interesting and fast-paced if you're into military-style manga. Unlike Eroica, it is more serious and almost completely based in Japan.

And I'm signing off now! Ta ta!

Eroica canon question

To my fellow Eroicafen, how come fics mention a trio of James, Jones, and Bonham but canon only has James and Bonham? What does Jones look like?

Z is killing me...Collapse )

Eroica & Greek Mythology

Ugh, the "Eau du Cologne" sidestory was entirely unexpected! I shouldn't have read it during the witching hour (3am) because after that, I started freaking out every time I had to leave my room! *sighs*

However, it did make me wonder about Dorian and Klaus and how they may be avatars of Greek Gods.

No, this is not an essay...Heaven knows, I am so not that coherent! This is more along the lines of my usual ramblings...Collapse )

But isn't this exercise interesting? What do you guys think?

EDIT: I'm now very interested in "Desert Peach" by Donna Barr. I've already the first two issues. I was wondering if you guys know of any fanfics for these series? I tried googling it but couldn't find any...